From: bigby on
David Brown wrote:
> I have no real experience with KVM either - I have used Virtual Box on
> desktops, and OpenVZ on servers (but that's only for Linux guests on a
> Linux host).

In fact maybe VirtualBox would be better in this case

> As for vnc, I find it friendly enough - I have used it for years for
> working with Windows machines over networks (and occasionally Linux
> machines, but generally I can do what I need there with ssh). I
> recommend TightVNC with the Mirage drivers - I gather version 2 of
> TightVNC has a fair number of useful new features.

Thanks for telling, looks interesting.
But there is no 2.0 viewer for linux huh? This is what I need before
being able to use version 2...
At their website it does not even say it is planned :-/ I hope it IS planned