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Software developers, online artists and marketers used to have very
few options when it comes to designing a cover for products such as
eBooks, software boxes or CDs. They either had to pay considerable
amounts for a professional graphics designer who will create one
design for each product or risk having amateurish covers by creating
their own. Fortunately, things have changed a lot since then. You now
have a better chance of making a good impression on potential clients
with the use of an online cover generator.
This is software that consists of several Photoshop Actions that
allows you to design professional-looking 3D graphics even if you have
no previous design or graphics experience. If you are not very
familiar with Photoshop, you may want to take note that the term
"Actions" refers to Photoshop plug-ins that you use to create graphics
in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is upload an existing
artwork for your cover or create a new design with an online image
editor. Once you have uploaded or created your cover design, the
online cover generator will automatically create a 3D cover for you.
Perhaps the primary benefit that you get by using an online cover
generator is the fact that you are able to save time and money and
earn extra income as well. It saves you time and money because of the
ease of use and very fast design creation. And it provides extra
income because you will not only be able to create covers for your own
collection of eBooks or music CDs, but also start your own cover-
making online business. The cover generator will also boost the sales
of your existing online business since having a 3D cover and
professional graphics will make your products and services a lot more
attractive to both consumers and advertisers.
The software not only allows you to choose from over 200 different
types of eCovers, but it also helps you design subscription buttons,
guarantee seals, graphical signatures, or minisite graphics. This
software capability allows you to be more flexible and provide room
for your creative juices to flow. Because this software is web-based,
you don't even need any third-party software. All you need is your
browser and an internet connection and you are all set to create your
3D covers.
The best thing with the software being web-based is that it is
platform independent, which means that you can benefit from it whether
you are using Windows, Mac, or Linux. There is also no need for you to
download the software or install it on your computer since you can
access it anytime on the internet. You need to remember, however, that
the software is designed for web usage; it is therefore not advisable
that you use the covers for printed publications. The software works
best with broadband or DSL internet connection and it is recommended
that you have a Flash Player Plug-in installed in order to access the
online cover generator and online image editor.

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