From: mjr75214 on
I encountered the same problem when entering multiple names in a SmartArt
Hierarcy List. I tried the posted solutions, but the smaller/larger feature
doesn't work if the shapes are too square for the text and resizing one by
one takes forever and makes it impossible to get all shapes the same size and
lined up evenly. The easiest way I've found around this is to first enter
all text, select all shapes (hold down Ctrl and click on each shape), right
click and select Reset Shapes (makes sure you're starting with uniform
sizes), then with all shapes selected, use the drag handles to resize all at
once. This way the shapes are resized exactly the same and will line up.
You can also adjust font formatting uniformly the same way.

"uclarobin" wrote:

> Hello,
> I would like to re-size some of my boxes in my org chart in PP2007.
> However, I don't see any menu items like "Auto-layout" or "Re-size Auto
> shape". Any ideas how to do this. Thank you!!!