From: David Z on
Hi Guys,

I have Outlook 2007 installed on a Win7 x64 laptop in an exchange 2007
environment. The laptop is connected in the office network. But every time
when I send email out, even the plain text without any attachment, it always
stay at the outbox for 5 minutes and then send. I pressed "send/receive all"
a couple of times, not work. I open the unsend email, resend it, not work. I
also check the email setting, the "send immediately when connected" was
checked. And for the antivirus setting, we have symantec endpoint client
installed on this laptop and managed by the server. I checked the outlook
add-in setting, there is not symantec showed. Anybody here know the reason
and how to fix it? I would appreciate your kindly help.

Working Hard