From: Frank on

I upgraded Vista Ultimate to Win 7 Ultimate. Now MS Outlook will not
allow me to open or save attachments.

If I try to open I get "The operation failed. An object could not be found"

If I try to save I get " Cannot save the attachment"

I have confirmed that all file type previewers are installed.

The attachments are not infected and are not the types that might be
normally blocked by Outlook. They are word, excel, pdf, etc.

I don't think my anti-virus (Symantec End Point) is doing it because I
have prevented it from starting and the problem still exists.

I can open the attachments by doing the following: I open the email and
click the FORWARD button. A copy of the email c/w attachments appears
and I can now open or save the attachments.
From: Frank on
Same thing.

On 21-Mar-2010 10:53 AM, Roady [MVP] wrote:
> Empty or reset your Outlook Temp Folder. For details see;
> Other fixes for issues with attachments and pictures after an upgrade
> are listed here;