From: mat on
Happened first with a computer I had office 2010 beta installed.

Now I installed in a virtual machine, where no other office products were

Happens only in IMAP when attempting to move a file from inbox to say "my
created folder".

My exchange account in the same inbox is fine. I've even tried without the
exchange account installed.

Outlook 2007 does not have this issue. I've searched for two days off and
on, without finding an answer.

Well, I did see someone mention this issue in March 2010, but a mod stated
this issue would be fixed by rtm.

I'm using a version downloaded for testing (via technet). Version
14.0.4760.1000 (32-bit). I have the technet key installed and software

Hopefully I'm missing a check mark or need to do something simple. Love the
new office... work with sharepoint is a blessing.