From: lolote on
Hello from France

I have reinstalled Outlook Connector (Using Outlook 2007) and all the
settings but I keep receiving same emails copies over and over in Outlook
from Windows Live until I delete them from WL. I have tried to refer to
several communities to check if the settings used were correct. Can you
please confirm if these are ok:

Serveur entrant :
Serveur sortant :
In the 'Serveur sortant' tab, have checked the 'Mon serveur sortant requiert
une authentification' and selected 'Utiliser les mêmes paramètres que mon
serveur de courrier entrant'
In the Advanced Options tab, have inserted 995 (Serveur entrant) and 587
(serveur sortant) and TLS in 'Utiliser le type de connexion chiffrée suivant'

I have tried several things but still the same issue.

Any help would be more than welcome :)