From: peewee on
Hi - I've searched for this problem and haven't found a thread with an anwer.
Please help as I am at my wit's end with this issue.

I have a desktop and a laptop running Vista and Outlook 2007. I have been
using Outlook Connector to manage several msn email accounts on both. About
a week ago, I could no longer access my email on the desktop PC, the laptop
is fine, so I know the issue isn't with my email settings or passwords.

I have done the following: repaired Outlook connector, uninstalled and
reinstalled Outlook connector, uninstalled and reinstalled Connector 14, used
system restore to go back to Connector 12, repaired MS Office, deleted and
readded all the email accounts, restarted, rubbed my tummy and patted my
head, you get the idea. I've called Qwest for support but they won't help
with Outlook Connector, only POP3 setup with Outlook.

the detail report under server status states: "
Sign in failed at 6/1/2010 10:42:28AM

The network connection was interrupted. Make sure your network cable is
attached properly to your computer. If you still cannot connect, try again

If I select a the inbox under one of the email address folders, I get an
error message stating: "We were unable to sign in to your account. Please
try again. Could not authenticate against the Windows Live ID service.
Please try again later."

I've been "trying again later" for a week now, I don't have much hope that
it will start working again without some intervention. This is the best
forum I have found so far and I'm really hoping someone else has had this
problem and there is a fix out there.

Thanks in advance.