From: Mike on
It apears that the legacy OUTLOOK CONNECTOR "OC" has been superceded by
HOTMAIL CONNECTOR "HC" (V14.0 4/20/2010) to incorporate Outlook 2010
integration etc.



Microsoft did a dirty on users of this plugin by forcing us to a bugged
upgrade process and at least one user of the new HC claimed that it is
'crippled' and does not syncronise with all folders - not echoed by others

* 24 hours later I restarted Outlook again and
* the Upgrade warning did not appear!!
* Maybe Microsoft realised the problem and
* have rolled back the issue to work on it
* There also have not been any new
* help-requests since yesterday either!

The conversion procedure from OC to HC is vague (in my understanding)
because the installation instructions for HC do not mention what to do with
OC ie. uninstall it first or... ?

My questions:

1. What is the correct procedure for migration from OC to HC?
- Uninstall OC first before installing HC?
- Install HC and leave OC insitu?

2. Does HC now make OC obsolete and is there any reason to leave OC installed?

3. Or as above - Maybe Microsoft realised the problem already and have
rolled back the issue to work on it ?

Thanks for any advice or updates.