From: Mike on
Outlook Connector (v12) -NOW- Hotmail Connector (v14) ? in Outlook General

Thanks Roady.

Strange though - I have not upgraded the connector for my Outlook yet and
the upgrade pop-up warning doesn't show anymore!

I smell a rat - that MS have rolled back the need for it until they can
issue a working upgrade patch procedure.

I brought up this issue before that MS should offer a service patch for
Outlook (2000,2003,2007) to bring it up-to-date in terms of e-mail
connectivity protocols.
Therefore making the procedure of adding a new e-mail account more
streamlined for the operator.

eg. To add a new e-mail account to Outlook 2003; the choice of Server Type
still shows - "HTTP - Connect to HTTP e-mail server such as Hotmail to
download e-mail and synchronize mailbox folders."
- This is clearly now obsolete!

From what I perceive, Outlook 2010 requires the Hotmail Connector as well,
so it musn't have the connectivity buil-in.
Even though Hotmail (Livemail) has long been a widely used mainstream service.

"Roady [MVP]" wrote:

> The Outlook Hotmail Connector is the new version of the Outlook Connector
> with a slightly different name. Upgrading will remove the old version. If
> not, you can remove it manually as you won't need it anymore.
> The upgrade process should be fixed by now and point to the latest version.

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