From: POLmn8r on
My Outlook Rules wizard no longer allows me to make changes. Using Outlook
2003 and Exchange on SBS 2003.

Every time Outlooks opens it asks me to choose the “server or client” rules.

Every time I open Rules wizard it does the same. Once I'm in I change save
the changes I've made regardless of choosing “server or client”.

I've tried running the /cleanrules, /cleanserverrules, and /cleanclientrules

I've even used the MDBVU32 tool to delete all the rules from exchange server.

I suspect it is because I've opened my email account in Outlook on a
different PC's but from what I've read one of the above should have fixed the

I'm the Admin so if there is a better solution on the server side I can take
care of it.

Please help…..