From: tbrox on
Did you ever get an answer because I'm experiancing the the same problem. I
just upgrade to win 7 64 bit and had to reinstall Office 2007 Now when I type
in a URL into an email it does not automatically create the hyper link.

"David" wrote:

> Thanks for your time and response Chuck. I guess i should have said that my
> messages go out that way....everyone who receives them has to cut/paste. How
> do i see the URL "in blue" highlight in my outgoing message like i used (and
> be able to click on it and go directly to the web site)(and they receive the
> same)
> "Chuck Davis" wrote:
> > They must change their security settings.
> > "David" <David(a)> wrote in message
> > news:3A3BE9B2-42D8-4578-8D5C-7D4031E3715C(a)
> > > When i send a message in Outlook people who receive my email can not just
> > > click on my URLs. They have to cut and paste into the address section of
> > > the IE sreen. How do I remedy this situation.
> > > Thanks!
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