From: njem on
My WiFi card is dying on my dell inspiron laptop. It's a mini PCIe
internal card. I see PCIe solid state drives in the same format, and I
assume (?) that the slot is kind of like a slot in a desktop, a
generic slot for whatever. So could I put one of these drives in that
slot and use a USB stick for my wifi? Anybody know?

From: njem on
Found an answer to my own question. These Solid State Disks that are
advertised as being PCIe Mini cards really aren't. They are in that
size and format and use that kind of connector but they're not made
for plugging into a PCIe connector. They are for certain laptops that
have a PATA or SATA port that uses a PCIe style conector. It makes it
confusing that they call these PCIe mini cards when they really aren't.