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Kruijf;115982 Wrote:
> Hi there,
> I was wondering if anybody knows a way or got a program to split pst
> files.
> The situation is that we got a policy that limits the pst files to 1.5
> GB.
> This because we find lots of problems with pst files that are bigger
> then 1.5
> GB.
> The problem is that users have pst files bigger then 1.5 GB, how they
> did it
> i dont know but i would like to know a way to split those files so we
> can use
> those pst files again. We cant get the policy off, this is because its
> just
> on accidentalbase.
> Hope you guys can help me!
> Greets Tom

Well, the PST limitation is due to the ANSI format that the PST file
uses. This format limits the PST file size to 2GB. So, if you have the
PST file that's size is more than its size limit then simply 'split PST
file' ( using any third party software. It
is because there is no such inbuilt utility which can split the PST file
into desired parts.

All the best!


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Your PST file is oversized. Microsoft Outlook 2002 and earlier versions limit the size of Personal Folders (PST) file to 2GB. Whenever the PST file reaches or exceeds that limit, you will not be able to open or load it any more, or you cannot add any new data to it. This is called oversized PST file problem. More detailed information can be found at

You can use Advanced Outlook Repair to solve the problem, by either converting it into Outlook 2003 format ( ), or splitting it into smaller pieces ( ) contains the detailed information about Advanced Outlook Repair.

And you can also download a free demo version at

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