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"Charlie3110" wrote:

> I am constantly being asked for my password and network name and yet all is
> well as I can click on send and receive in Outloot without failure but then
> when working in Word or somewhere else a box appears to ask me to confirm my
> password. If I am not looking at the screen then i have typed my dialogue
> into the password box and have to erase and rewrite the correct password. If
> I not here then when i come i notice that I have a failure on one of my
> addresses but if I click on send or receive all is well?
> I have just checked for similar questinos on here and found this one.
> Question
> Subject: How do I stop "Enter Network Password" from interrupting me?
> 11/4/2005 2:41 PM PST
> By: AUBITE In: microsoft.public.outlook.general
> In Outlook 2002 and 2003 set to perform a send/receive every few minutes I
> have begun to get interrupting requests for Enter Network Password with
> prefilled boxes for (1) server, (2) user name, and (3) password. If I click
> OK all is well for a few minutes and then I get the same request over and
> over again. How can I stop this? Have been using OL 2002 and 2003 for many
> months without this problem
> It seems to be a common thing and i suspect the same as AUBITE that it has
> started since an update. Is this possible. As nobaody has answered his
> question i am a little sceptical?
> Thanks
> Charlie
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