From: Joe on
We are switching from one server to another for our PERL Scripts, and
so far everything is working, but I am having problems with on program
which works on the old server but not the new one.

The problem I have is creating a file in a directory on another
server. I use "\\\\gailbapps\\cybraryn\\TDmenu\\A-Cyb_Stats\\" as my
path to the serever, and to create it, I use open (TOT_TXT,
'>{servername and filename}').

But when I try to write print TOT_TXT "Hello\n";, it does not work.

Can anyone help? I print out the path and put it in Windows Explorer
and it goes right there, so I do not know why it cannot be accessed.

The code is below:
$relative_addy = "\\\\gailbapps\\cybraryn\\TDmenu\\A-Cyb_Stats\\";

$month_year = $date_month . "_" . $date_year . ".txt";

$tot_file = $relative_addy . $month_year;

open (TOT_TXT, '>$tot_file') || die "$tot_file open failed: $!";

print "File: $tot_file<p>";

print TOT_TXT "Hello\n";