From: G Hardy on
Hi, folks.

Not sure if this is the right group for this post, so feel free to tell me
where to go if not.

I've managed to get hold of an old Walkabout HH3 (hammerhead) tablet PC with
Win2K embedded edition installed. I'm trying to calibrate the pen, but the
screen which goes through the four sets of cross hairs is not recognising
the pen.

The two sets of digits under the first crosshair are greyed-out zeroes,
suggesting the calibration program is not "seeing" the pen. The "Redo" and
"Cancel" buttons, however, do respond to pen clicks even though there's no
cursor while calibration is running.

The pen itself works, it's just not very accurate, hence the need for
calibration. I'm using the FinePoint driver, and during my many reinstalls,
I'msetting X and Y at 84 and 63 respectively ("tenths" of the screen,
measured with a ruler) and leaving the resolution at the default 1016.yields
the best results, but they aren't perfect. When I'm installing the drivers,
I'm given the option to test the com port that the pen is "attached" to, and
it's reporting back coordinates and buttons at that point, much the same as
I would have expected the calibration program to do. Don't know if it's
relevant, but the co-ords start bottom left at a little over 200,200 and end
top right at 8600,6450 (roughly).

Thanks for any advice or pointers...