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>This beast, with 2 USB ports (A-B) in its cable, draws a lot of power. I
>found that most older PCs just can't power it. So I plan to buy a DC
>power adaptor for it, as this beast has a DC in!
>What approximate voltage & current should I look for?

I see you have already received an answer from Hitachi, but a USB
Y-cable would have suggested a power requirement of 2 x 500mA @ 5V.

This is because a standard USB port is current limited to 500mA.

You could have determined the polarity by testing for continuity
between the USB ground pin and each of the terminals at the DC socket.

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> H 3.40 mm 1.30 mm Orange 274-1571
> This is the manual, for an adapter they sell, which connects to
> the previous adapter (Adaptaplug). Switchable output voltage, at
> up to 2 amps current. 5V is one of the switch settings. I have
> another brand, with that switch feature on it.

This morning, I found a Aten USB 4-port hub with power adapter at HK$98.
Its adapter's DC out plug matched exactly the DC in of the Hitachi X
Mobile external hard disk. Of course, I could still use the powered hub.

So problem solved! And thank you all.

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