From: SuzyQB200 on
I am creating a presentation for a co-worker. I created with the animation
scheme "fade in one by one." I also had the slide transition set to
automatically move to the next slide after 15 seconds.

When I had finished about half of the slides, my co-worker decided that he
wanted the slide transition to be available on click. I attempted to change
these settings in both the view and also changed them on the master slide.

Also, I am trying to understand why I had a video that played on a selected
slide at home, but now that I am trying to run it at work, it only sits there
with a blank screen.

Now, the fade in one by one does not work, so he has to click through every
portion of the slide. I have never worked with PP before and his
presentation to the police is Thursday, so I am working under the wire.