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What: I wanted a way to have many individuals owning and updating content, as
well as one place to display all of the content so I decided a PowerPoint
presentation built off a slide library would be an effective way to
facilitate this.

Whats the issue: I wanted one slide to be the overview slide showing all the
content within, and links to the individual slides with the actual content.
Creating these links and hitting save crashes powerpoint. (Note: I tried the
same steps with a PowerPoint presentation that was not created from a slide
library and it did not crash.)

Here are the steps I was taking:
1. Create slide library
2. Import slides into a PowerPoint presentation
3. Select the options to keep source formatting and notify me of slide changes
4. Select an image on a slide, create a hyperlink to another slide in the file
5. Repeat step 4 with a different image and linking to a different slide
6. Click save
7. Notice PowerPoint crashing on you and cry

Any clue on why this is happening? How to stop PowerPoint from crashing?
Another way to achieve what I am looking to do?