From: Paul DHvV on
Hi Vicente,

its a movie, no audio, a simple loop of fire footage, 768x40 pixels.
Each time i go from screen to screen the movie reloads itself, no problem to
looping it
in a single frame its just a rel shame that it loads itself each time.

thanks for the response, regards,


"vttotal" wrote:

> Hi Paul,
> The main issue is that you are having several slides. Objects cannot be
> passed on from a previous slide to the next one(as each slides has its own
> object).
> One solution(and tedious one) would be allocating all your objects into one
> slide and then sorting out their appearance object.
> Also, to make my understanding clearer, what are you using the mpeg movie
> for? Audio? Video? I am not quite sure what it does so I would appreciate if
> you could expand on that.
> Thanks,
> Vicente Tulliano.
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> Vicente Tulliano
> "Paul DHvV" wrote:
> > I have a 15sec mpg movie that i want to continuously loop throughout a
> > presentation that we are putting together in powerpoint.
> >
> > We have imported the movie, the movie is in the master slide template & we
> > have set it to play across all slides. this works fine on the first slide,
> > loops continuously, but when we go to slide 2 it just seems to playing till
> > it has come to the end 7 then stops.
> >
> > Seems like the mouse click is affecting the movie somehow!.
> >
> > How can we set this to loop continuosly throughout all of the slides & still
> > let the user click between slides without stopping the mpeg playing.
> >
> > Any advice will be very welcome, thanks.