From: Randy Wayne on
Can anyone tell me the syntax to use to actually define the User-defined type.

Like: PaperSize = acPRPSUser(256,528) or PaperSize = acPRPSUser 256.528

I have been unable to find the actually method to set the size.

I am tryint to print a form (or a report) on a Dymo label printer. I want
the user to specify the type of Dymo printer in the applicatiion. Since there
are multiple Dymos that can work I don't want to use the "Specific Printer"
option in the page setup (would require multiple versions of the program)

I fill a combobox using the Application.Printers method. I store the label
printer as a value. When the user goes to print the form (or report) I
retreive the label printer and print to it. That works great - the right
printer is specified - but the paper size is wrong.

BTW: When I close the form, I reset the printer to the system default.

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