From: Daniel Prince on
I bought a 2 tb SATA hard drive and a Promise FastTrack 376 (tm) PCI
controller card. The card detects the drive but the drive does not
show up in Windows XP's disk manager.

The card came with no printed instructions. I found a test file on
the CD with installation instructions but the files and directories
it mentions do not exist on the little CD that came with the card. I
tried running all the setup.exe files on the CD except for the ones
in the usb2.0 directories. They all said that I did not have the
correct hardware.

I installed all the *.inf files in the XP directories. The card now
shows up in device manager but the drive does not show up in device
manager or in the disk manager.

Does this controller card work with one drive or does it work only
as a raid? Does anyone know which *.inf files I should use?

This is the root directory of the CD:

Volume in drive S is Driver Serial number is 8E74:A98D
Directory of S:\*

9/16/2009 20:48 <DIR> Ess
9/16/2009 20:51 <DIR> pdc20319_S150_TX4_Drv_1.00.0.37
9/16/2009 20:50 <DIR> pdc20378
9/16/2009 20:48 <DIR> USB2.0 CARD
9/16/2009 20:48 <DIR> VT6410 VT6421_Driver_V550B

This is part of what it says in the file WinXP.txt:

10. Select "Have Disk". Browse the RAID mode path {CD-ROM
Drive}:\Drivers\Promise\378RAID\WinXP or IDE mode path {CD-ROM
Drive}:\Drivers\Promise\378ATA\WinXP to the driver and click OK.

The directories and files listed above do NOT exist on the CD.

Does anyone know how I can get this card to work? Thank you in
advance for all replies.
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From: TE Cheah on
| Does anyone know how I can get this card to work?

Pci slot / chipset pins may be dirty / shorted by carbon in dust.
Chk pci version ( via Sandra if necessary ) of mboard & card,
some cards need v2.3, but manufacturer does not reveal this,
to sell more.
Some card / driver can work only with certain mboard chipsets
, see inf files content ( many list the chipsets supported ).
If you live near manufacturer, phone its technician for advice.