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Hi All:

I have an HP scanjet 8200 that I am trying to access directly from a
java applet using TWAIN. I am using the lastest driver I can find
(col6906mu1.exe) dated May, 2004. I have several problems:

1) I can specify the java applet to scan the top-left 8.5" x 11"
(UN_INCHES) area of the glass at 150 dpi. However, this should result
in an 1275 x 1650 image, but it results in an 1272 x 1650 image. Any
idea why?

2) Also, it seems like certain scanner features like "autostraighten",
etc. are turned *on* by default. I would like these features turned off
by default. I just want whatever is in the top-left 8.5" x 11" area of
the glass (no corrections!) However, use of many TWAIN functions (e.g.,
setAutoRotate(false)) return an error code of -13, indicating that they
are not supported TWAIN operations. Can this really be, or am I doing
something wrong?

3) If it turns out that the HP Scanjet 8200 has a limited TWAIN command
set, can anyone recommend a good, portable scanner that implementes a
complete TWAIN command set?

Thanks to anyone who can offer help.