From: Sable on
Hi all. I need ideas.
I have some computers in my work exactlys. They have nvidia quadro nvs290
graphic card.
In 2 computers (i have 20) i have a problems to open some menus. For
example, the menus of internet explorer"favorites, view, tools". It apears
very slow..
Afther a lot of test i have observed :
1º)if i put the colours of the computer in 16 bit it works fine.
2º)If i make the hardware aceleration down it works fine.
3º)If i change the drivers or reinstall direct x it not works fine(with
32bit and hardware aceleration).

Anyone can give me ideas?

From: mendmycomputer on

Well, first of all make sure you are using the most up to date
drivers... You can do this by going to the manufacturer website and
searching the model number of your GFX card... If you have updated
through windows it would most probably be a compatible driver.