From: The Mad Ape on

I have a new box with Windows 7 and a fresh install of VS 2008. I
imported a VB 2008 project that was previously created on an XP box into
VB 2008. The process seemed to work fine. There were 60 error messages
with the Microsoft Visual Basic PowerPack reference. All that I did was
remove the reference and then re-add it and all error messages were gone.

So I thought all was fine. I only posted the above to you can see what I
did because I have run into what I think is an unrelated problem.

I ran the program on the 2008 box in debug mode and am getting 0 error
messages. However the VB 2008 version can not read the
System.Data.SqlServerCe databases. A list box is supposed to populate on
program launch. It is not. Yet I use the same exact data on the VB 2005
box and the list box populates fine.

Can anyone explain what is going on? Where do I start to look for the
problem? Most perplexing to my Friday Afternoon Brain Cramp. Weird
science man!