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We need to provide files to other applications. To simplify the case,
we have some background data storage (databases etc.) which contains
files. Users can up- and download files through our .NET application.
Now we want to give them the ability to open those files directly from
inside our application (like if you click on mail-attachments in
outlook), but we want to be able to write back the changes when the
user modifies and saves the file in the application. We thought about
the following ideas:

- Writing out a temporary file, and watch it for changes (this seems
to be the "classic" way, apps like "WinSCP" use it).

- Provide a CiFS oder WebDAV server on a local tcp port, inject the
file there, and then open it via an appropriate UNC path.

- Under linux, we could use "fuse" (File system in User SpacE) for
this - is there anything like this available in .NET?

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