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That doesn't sound right to me. Please post the structure of your tables and
the SQL of the query that you are attempting .
Arvin Meyer, MCP, MVP

"Emma" <Emma(a)> wrote in message
>I guess I can't use a query to pull from the three tables. I'll have to put
> two of the tables together into one table. The problem being that I can
> now
> only have one autonumber in the new table so how can I fake the second
> tables
> autonumber?
> "Arvin Meyer [MVP]" wrote:
>> If the query is updateable, (it may not be) it should save to the table
>> who's primary key is in the query. The other tables will have the same
>> value
>> in the foreign keys.
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>> Arvin Meyer, MCP, MVP
>> "Emma" <Emma(a)> wrote in message
>> news:BF1E05D5-3613-4DDF-8406-FED0EF8ADF63(a)
>> > Hi I have a query which runs when the form is openned
>> > unfortunately I can't save using:
>> > DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord
>> > it doesn't know which table to save the record to I'm assuming can
>> > someone
>> > give me some direction?
>> .