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python parser overridden by pymol
Hello, I'm fairly new to python (version 2.5.4), and am writing a program which uses both pymol (version 1.2r1) and numpy (version 1.3.0) from debian. It appears that when I add pymol to $PYTHONPATH, that parser.expr() is no longer available, and so I am unable to use numpy.load(). I have looked for where par... 12 Nov 2009 22:58
ask a question about the module
when I run a program, it list the hint: Could not import module "Gnuplot" - it is not installed on your system. You need to install the package. \easyviz\ <module>: Traceback (most recent call last): File "E:\study\python\commodity modle", line 3, in <module> import ... 12 Nov 2009 12:50
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installing lxml ?
I'm trying to install lxml, but I can't figure out the installation instructions. Here: it says: 1) Get the easy_install tool. Ok, I went to the easy_install website, downloaded, and installed it. The last two lines of the output during installation said this: ... 11 Nov 2009 21:21
DHT for Python 3.x?
There are plenty of good DHT projects for Python 2.x, however from what I can tell none of them have made the jump to 3.x yet. I'm really keen to support Python 3.x for a project I'm working on. I know that many developers (correctly) consider switching to Python 3 foolish since it is less supported at the moment... 11 Nov 2009 02:20
ANN: superpy 1.2.1
I am pleased to announce the release of superpy 1.2.1 available from As this is the first announcement of superpy, any comments and feedback would be much appreciated. ------------------ Superpy distributes python programs across a cluster of machines or across multiple pro... 9 Nov 2009 08:51
Aborting a read with pySerial
I'm using pySerial to read from a serial port. One thread reads from the port, with no timeout. Another thread handles output and other tasks. This works fine until I want to shut down the program. I can't reliably break the program out of the read when it's waiting. On Windows, closing the serial port will... 11 Nov 2009 20:14
safely returning objects from a Process to the parent through aQueue()
Hi, I'm trying to parallelize a loop using Process and Queue. My code looks similar to the example in It looks like this: def pp(q, t, s, a, h, p): doStuff() c.generate() q.put(c, True) ... 6 Nov 2009 13:39
is None or == None ?
Hello, Some claim that one should test for None using: if x is None: ...but the standard equality which is theoretically safer works as well: if x == None: So, which one is recommended? Can there be two None objects in interpreter's memory? Is testing for identity of some variable with None safe? Do... 11 Nov 2009 05:40
2to3 on Mac - unknown encoding: mbcs
I tried naively running 2to3 over the SpamBayes source code on my Mac and got this traceback: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/skip/local/lib/python3.2/lib2to3/pgen2/", line 281, in find_cookie codec = lookup(encoding) LookupError: unknown encoding: mbcs SpamB... 6 Nov 2009 02:41
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