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store encrypted data in sqlite ?
hello, I want to store some fields in an sqlite database. I use ezPyCrypto to encrypt and decrypt: User = ['z684684', 'Mientki, Stef', 1,1,0,1,1 ] encryption_key_1 = ezPyCrypto.key ( 512 ) SQL_Base = 'insert or replace into __USERS__ values (' for field in User : SQL += ",'" + encryption_key_1.encS... 2 Oct 2009 17:38
multiprocessing, SyncManager, dict() of Locks possible?
I'm trying to work out a multiple readers, one writer scenerio with a bunch of objects. Basically "foo" objects are shared across processes. Each foo object has a .lock variable, which holds a Mutex. In creation, I'd like to call the SyncManager, get the dict() object which hold object_ids->lock mappings (so we can... 28 Sep 2009 12:31
llvm vs. parrot
On Sun, 2009-04-12 at 06:18 -0700, Fuzzyman wrote: On Apr 11, 12:16 am, Paul Watson <paul.hermeneu...(a)> wrote: Is Parrot out of favor these days? It appears that Google is going to use llvm. Has Parrot ever been in favour? Actually... 28 Sep 2009 10:17
flow control and nested loops
In Perl, one can label loops for finer flow control. For example: X: for my $x (@X) { Y: for my $y (@Y) { for my $z (@Z) { next X if test1($x, $y, $z); next Y if test2($x, $y, $z); frobnicate($x, $y, $z); } glortz($x, $y); } splat($x); } What's considered "best... 26 Sep 2009 16:53
Got undefined symbol: _PyUnicodeUCS2_AsDefaultEncodedString on OpenSuSE 11.1
Hello I sent this e-mail to the python-help list but I'm not sure if that list is active... so I post it again here: I'm trying to build Python 2.6.2 from the sources downloaded from the python official site on OpenSuSE 11.1 (32 bit). After installation the python command line interpreter seems to run ok, but whe... 27 Sep 2009 03:42
problems compiling pyscopg2 on RHEL4
Hi All, I installed the following rpms: postgresql-libs-7.4.19-1.el4_6.1 postgresql-devel-7.4.19-1.el4_6.1 postgresql-7.4.19-1.el4_6.1 And then installed psycopg2 as follows: wget tar xzf psycopg2-2.0.12.tar.gz cd psycopg2-2.0.12 python2.6 se... 25 Sep 2009 14:11
urllib, can't seem to get form post right
I'm trying to scrape some historical data from NOAA's website, but I can't seem to feed it the right form values to get the data out of it. Heres the code: import urllib import urllib2 ## The source page url = '' value... 24 Sep 2009 18:24
When is divmod(a,b)[0] == floor(a/b)-1 ?
The docs for divmod include the following: divmod(a, b) ...For floating point numbers the result is (q, a % b), where q is usually math.floor(a / b) but may be 1 less than that. ... I know that floating point math can sometimes produce "unexpected" results, so the above caveat is not entirely... 27 Sep 2009 03:41
Compile kinterbasdb with mingw32 and python 2.6 - DLL load failed
This is what I did so far: #1. Install Python 2.6, Firebird 1.5 server (with libs and headers), egenix mx base and mingw C compiler #2. put "c:\MinGW\bin" on the PATH (or wherever it is) #3. extract kinterbasdb source to a temp folder #4. hack setup.cfg. Change the build section: [build] compiler=mingw32 ... 5 Oct 2009 06:50
pygame and py2app : big package
I used py2app on Mac to build a package of my game (using pygame). It works fine (better than py2exe, i can'tmake work at tht time). But the package is very big. The biggest "thing" is numpy lib : 19 MB ! numpy is very big and i doubt all is reallly needed -- Pierre-Alain Dorange MicroWar 2.0 : kill som... 20 Sep 2009 12:54
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