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[ANN] optphart (alpha2)
""" I am pleased to announce optphart (alpha2)! ------------------- What is optphart? ------------------- optphart is the nemisis of the asinine interfaces and bulky libraries you may be accustomed to in the stdlib. All of which clog your scripts with wasted lines and your memory with complex interfaces far w... 29 Jun 2010 01:59
Pydev 1.5.8 Released
I have a problem with pydev 1.5.8 An error has occurred. See error log for more details. com.aptana.editor.common.CommonEditorPlugin.getThemeManager()Lcom/ aptana/editor/common/theme/IThemeManager; I seek the file and that file does not exist ... 29 Jun 2010 07:26
[python] how to ensure item in list or dict bind with "an uuid meaning" integer type ID?
Dear all, I have 2 lists stored in 2 text files may have duplicated records, the raw data looks like this: lfruit lcountry ====== ========= orange japan pear china orange ... 28 Jun 2010 23:50
Lockless algorithms in python (Nothing to do with GIL)
On Mon, 2010-06-28 at 16:46 -0700, Zac Burns wrote: In my experience it is far more expensive to allocate a lock in python then it is the types that use them. Here are some examples: timeit.timeit('Lock()', 'from threading import Lock') 1.4449114807669048 timeit.timeit('dict()') 0.2821... 2 Jul 2010 16:50
Football was: Python dynamic attribute creation
On 29/06/2010 00:21, Alexander Kapps wrote: Mark Lawrence wrote: On 28/06/2010 20:23, Alexander Kapps wrote: UHHM! Forget it. This of course doesn't work with setattr too. My stupidness. :-( Don't worry too much, looks like your nation's football is much better than your settattr knowledge... 28 Jun 2010 20:33
pysandbox 1.0: a new sandbox for Python
pysandbox is a Python sandbox. By default, untrusted code executed in the sandbox cannot modify the environment (write a file, use print or import a module). But you can configure the sandbox to choose exactly which features are allowed or not, eg. import sys module and read /etc/ issue file. Website: http://git... 28 Jun 2010 19:28
dynamically modify help text
On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 11:13 AM, Brian Blais <bblais(a)> wrote: On Jun 27, 2010, at 22:37 , Red Forks wrote: Read you doc file and set the __doc__ attr of the object you want to change. On Monday, June 28, 2010, Brian Blais <bblais(a)> wrote: I know that the help text for an obj... 30 Jun 2010 13:06
PDF Generation With Reportlab
Hi All I am hoping there is someone out there that knows reportlab quite well. I posted this on the reportlab mailing list but there is not much activity on that list I am currently generating a pdf report using reportlab 2.3 and python 2.5.4. The report has a table that spans multiple pages. My problem is ... 30 Jun 2010 09:45
N00b question: matching stuff with variables.
Hi, all. I've got a file which, in turn, contains a couple thousand filenames. I'm writing a web front-end, and I want to return all the filenames that match a user-input value. In Perl, this would be something like, if (/$value/){print "$_ matches\n";} But trying to put a variable into regex in Python is c... 29 Jun 2010 10:44
CONTROLLED DEMOLITION INC explosive-charge placement technician ?Tom ?Sullivan 911 TESTIMONIAL Video
In comp.lang.c++ small Pox <smallpox911(a)> wrote: Academia and Scientific and Arts community is the BIGGEST RECIPIENT of Federal Grants from TAX PAYER MONEY !!!! What's so hard to understand in "take your religion elsewhere, we don't want it here"? Go away. ... 28 Jun 2010 12:49
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