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What is the criteria you added, though it might be better to post the SQL of
the query and tell us which table you added that caused the problem. I also
can't help but wonder why you would need 7 tables in one query? Might also
help to know your tables and their fields.

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"Daniel" <daniel.ran.xu(a)> wrote in message
Hi All,

I have got a query with 7-8 tables. Some of them are linked from SQL
server and some of them are local Access table. I just updated this
query and added another creteria and it became very slow (about 10
minutes) to return the result. If I remove one of the local table, it
just needs around 5-8 seconds. But I do need this table in the query.

There are three fields in the table, one of Number type field is
primary key. The creteria is nothing to do with the fields in the
local table.

What's the possible reason for that?

Any help will be appreciated.