From: Dustin Cook on
Dave U. Random <anonymous(a)> wrote in

> (Raid/Dustin Cook once more threatens someone with getting
> a bullet in the back of their head. It's near the end of
> the page. Gremlin was one of Raid's aliases years back.)

Did someone actually have to tell you Gremlin is another alias, or did you
finally! figure that one out for yourself? You aren't able to find anything
malicious attributed to me past Irok, huh? I told you and everyone else I
had retired and stopped writing viruses back in 2000; and I meant it. You
won't ever be able to find anything viral past irok written by me.

And no, despite your earlier claims, I didn't author ColdApe either; So
thats two threads you owe me an apology for.. That is, if you really are a
better person than me. I know you aren't.

What exactly makes the things your doing here any different than what I did
in those posts years ago? How is it, your on the good side, and I'm on the
bad side?

Are you a former BBSer? Want to go back in time to the old days of
ANSI and Renegade? Fire up telnet and go here then:

From: Leonard Agoado on

"Dustin Cook" <bughunter.dustin(a)> wrote

> wow... so there really is a sucker born every minute. I seriously
> wonder
> how dumb a person can actually be, and I'll be damned, a post like
> yours
> shows up to show me.


Don't put your scoresheet away yet. Records are made to be broken,
and the way he's revving his two-stroke thinkin' engine it won't be long


Len Agoado