From: davey31415 on
I'd like to read data from environmental chamber controllers (System Plus) into LabVIEW through RS232 connections.  Has anyone done something similar?  I see interfacing with the serial controllers as the biggest obstacle and although not directly related to LabVIEW programming, I'm hoping someone here can give me some advice or resources on how best to do so now days.  My first thought is to write a program with VB or C++ to act as a terminal and write the data to a text file for LabVIEW to poll.  Aside from using Telix decades ago to work with BBSes, my only other serial experience consists of interfacing with a Kiethly multimeter using a C++ program.   I would rather not use multiple PCs but I have never worked with more than one serial port on a computer before in the past.  Perhaps LabVIEW itself already provides for multiple serial card communications (wouldn't that be perfect)?  Any info would be great.  Regards,  Dave