From: neergh on
I have recently upgraded my Labview professional development system to V8.6. (from 8.5.1). Since doing this upgrade opening some VIs and most projects results in the application freezing (see screen shot attached). I can't cancel and have to force labview to quit. I have reinstalled all of LabView and this made no difference. All other applications on my PC work fine.  Any idea what's wrong?

screen ni fault.jpg: ni fault.jpg
From: smercurio_fc on
Based on the screenshot it seems related to the DSC library. Does this happen with any project, or just projects that use DSC? Are you able to open the DSC VIs directly?
From: neergh on
It does seem that it may be related to the DSC module. Single VI's open up OK.  The dialog stops at different stages with different projects or examples/ Mostly I use the alarm and global variable VI's. .......