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Ben Goldman wrote:
> Glennbo wrote:
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>> the killer robot Bob Comarow <lowhertz(a)> grabbed the
>> controls of the spaceship and pressed these buttons...
>>> To date myself, I was last doing multi tracking on an old Teac 4
>>> channel with simulsynch.
>>> One of the things I did was record piano music as an example, the
>>> left with my bass
>>> and my right with a guitar.
>>> Then, since guitars and bass sound an octove lower than what is
>>> written, and because
>>> it makes it much easier to play, I simply played it back at 2x speed
>>> (normal speed).
>>> What program or tool has that built in?
>> Download the free trial version of Reaper. It has a pitch control
>> that works exactly like the ones that analog tape recorders have.
>> I've used it to do half speed recording, and used variations of speed
>> for background vocals, to get different timbres and make it sound
>> like more than one vocalist singing.
> Does that ever cause flanging?

Only if you double track with your hand on the edge of the reel!