From: Nix on
On 26 Feb 2007, Simon Waters told this:
>> (I've
>> occasionally built a kernel with the entirely-default config, but that's
>> soon detectable when it utterly fails to boot :) )
> Guaranteed on this server, it uses the older megaraid drivers, and the
> new ones just didn't work last time I tried.

Guaranteed on mine because it mounts root via an initramfs and can't find
root with the default in-kernel code :)

>> You might want to have a look at <> as well. It's sadly
>> unmaintained but a really nifty idea.
> Thanks, I had seen it in Debian when searching for alternative ideas for
> a secure network file system.

It's got some ideas I've never seen reused anywhere else. (Mind you, that
might be because they're loony. A global distributed filesystem based on
*NFS* is very odd...)

>> Well, I'm in the jobs market after a fifth year running with no pay
>> rise... :)
> I'd hire you in an instant, but urm I seem to be in year three with no pay
> rise :(

*One* year I can live with. Half a decade is pushing it.

`In the future, company names will be a 32-character hex string.'
--- Bruce Schneier on the shortage of company names