From: Karl E. Peterson on
Larry Serflaten wrote:
> <nntp(a)> wrote
>> What is Happening?
>> This message is to inform you that Microsoft will soon begin discontinuing
>> newsgroups and transitioning users to Microsoft forums.
>> Send any questions about the process, recommended forums and timing to
>> NNTP(a)
> Duke U (home of Usenet) also shuttering usenet servers....
> Coincidence, or collusion?
> ???

Yeah, I read about that earlier today. It's a sad day for the
Internet, as the corporate behemouths take yet another bite out of the
collective soul. :-(

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Customer Hatred Knows No Bounds at MSFT
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From: Leo on
Karl E. Peterson expressed precisely :
> RW wrote:
>> On Thu, 20 May 2010 10:19:02 -0700, Karl E. Peterson <karl(a)>
>> wrote:
>>>> In an effort to enhance and improve your experience, this newsgroup is
>>>> scheduled for closure in the upcoming months and we would like to invite
>>>> you to participate at
>>>> forum(s).
>>>> An exact date will be posted in advance as plans are finalized.
>>> Which specifically forbids discussion of the product discussed here. Just
>>> how deeply must Microsoft despise the community to suggest such a
>>> mockingly transparent and vapid solution?
>>>> Who Should I Contact with any Questions?
>>>> Send any questions about the process, recommended forums and timing to
>>>> NNTP(a)
>>> Up to all of us, to let them know. Not that it will matter. More
>>> importantly, while we can still leave cookie crumbs in the archives, we
>>> need to start pointing folks looking for clues in the future where to turn
>>> next. See my sig for one idea.
>> <Tongue-in-cheek>
>> Once this group is shut down maybe we should bombard the new
>> off-limits forum with VB6 questions, just to keep the forum police
>> busy canceling all the "off-topic" posts!
>> </Tongue-in-cheek>
> Well, we can certainly point to Official Notice that, despite what the signs
> hanging outside may say, we *were* invited! :-)

Who wants to be the first to try? Are we going to try and do it in an
organised manner?

>> In all seriousness, although I'm mostly a lurker I've set up an
>> account at E-S and will monitor comp.lang.basic.visual.misc there, as
>> well as keep watching here, until here disappears. I learn a lot just
>> hiding in the shadows and I'm glad I will be able to do so at a new
>> "home" that won't inundate me with "obnoxious advertising."
>> Setting up the account with eternal-september was painless and quick.
>> btw.
> Yep, seems to even get the posts made to this server sooner than the this
> server feeds 'em back!

From: Bob O`Bob on
nntp(a) wrote:
> What is Happening?
> This message is to inform you that Microsoft will soon begin discontinuing
> newsgroups and transitioning users to Microsoft forums.

No. Just NO.
You don't get to "transition" me anywhere, fool.

Wow - what an amazing attitude of entitlement.
All too familiar, but still amazing when it's so exposed for all to see.

Ex-MVP for Classic VB
From: Mayayana on

| They
| actually believe they are entitled to behave in that way! No wonder the
| gullible David Kaye sees them as gods, because that's clearly how they see
| themselves!

I don't think that's unusual. Microsoft creates that
image and many people fall for it. They have a
surprisingly good reputation among the general
public. In that respect I appreciate outbursts like
that from David Kaye. It provides an opportunity
to get some of the lesser-known facts into the
light of day.

I remember that when I first got involved with
computers I thought of Microsoft people as very
bright scientists in white coats. I think that's
probably the view of the general public. There's
a sort of moral purity implied by that [cliche]
image. It's reinforced by the bland daffiness of
Microsoft commercials. (Remember the soccer mom
in the purple butterfly suit? And Jerry Seinfeld?? He
was the whiney star of a long-running show in which
every character was a comically unattractive, selfish
"loser". Yet Microsoft picked him as a cynical non-

The other thing that reinforces the view of MS as
being made up of white-coated above-it-all scientists
is that abstruseness is arguably Microsoft's 4th biggest
product (or rather, the 4th biggest that doesn't lose
money), after monopoly maintenance, marketing and
software. The frivolous generation of abstruseness sells
loads of support contracts, documentation, training classes,
etc. ...And it helps portray Microsofties as unimaginably
bright geeks.

From: C. Kevin Provance on

"Karl E. Peterson" <karl(a)> wrote in message news:uqMLGZ5%23KHA.3880(a)TK2MSFTNGP04.phx.gbl...
: Yeah, moderation removes any element of sport entirely, doesn't it?

Partially. What MSFT should do is compile a list of prechosen statements posters may choose from and eliminate the need for moderators completely.

However, I am going to have some fun over there pushing VB6 and the hypocrisy of the NNTP closure and it's backwards solutions for classic vb users until I get banned. Should be fun.
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