From: Jason on
This is strange. I have two nearly identical HP laptops.
Both are the same model, but one (that gives trouble) has
some additional hardware (video) features. Both are running
Vista Home Premium 64 and have all the same updates applied.
I am trying to open a RD session on an XP Home Pro machine.

One of the HP's works without a hitch. The other one gives
up with a "Cannot Connect" message (but, of course, no
details about what went wrong.) System logs on the XP and
both laptops don't reveal anything that I can find.

I tried copying the .rdb file from the one that works to the
one that doesn't. That made no difference. The failing
laptop can ping the XP system, and file and printer sharing
work fine. The user id's on both laptops are the same - the
user accounts are set up the same on each.

Any ideas how to find the trouble?