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Many months to make this database so probably many many months to convert it
to a web-based application using SQL Server.
I would end up with a different product that might be better in some ways
and worse in others.
I would use .net if I was going that route. I would use SQL Server (not
just to make you happy).

I think I'll just recommend the user signs up at and spends 15
minutes setting it up so they can run my existing product
over the web. No $10,000 spend.

"a a r o n . k e m p f @ g m a i l . c o m" <aaron.kempf(a)> wrote in
> instead of using Remote Desktop software, you should just move to
> Access Data Projects
> ADP works great over WAN, LAN, Wireless
> spending $10,000 for a terminal services licensing server is not a
> good value
> On May 12, 9:24 am, "Mark Andrews"
> <mandrews___NOSPAM...(a)> wrote:
>> Access 2007 multiple people sharing split database
>> Just looking for some advice and/or rough costs for some remote desktop
>> control options to run a typical
>> Access 2007 split database (using Access 2007 runtime) I don't deal with
>> remote control too often.
>> Example:
>> - terminal services (how much does that cost rough idea for small
>> installation)
>> - web based remote control, can some of these be used to run an Access
>> database while on the road by just controlling a
>> computer in the office with the application. Which ones are better,
>> prices
>> etc....
>> - free ones (how tough to setup)
>> Maybe give me your top 3 choices for someone who has nothing in place but
>> needs to run a Microsoft Access application while on the road three
>> states
>> away.
>> Appreciate any advice I could get.
>> Mark
From: Mark Andrews on

What would you recommend if I needed more than 1 user logged in per machine?

I can see scenarios will my clients will need that.

Thanks in advance,

"Tom" <rtmnews(a)> wrote in message
> The LogMeIn solution is essentially what I use to provide tech support
> to one of my clients. Works well. Sometimes there is a bit of a lag
> on screen refresh when entering data, but nothing too troubling.
> Downside is that you can only have one remote user logged in per
> machine, but that may not be an issue for you.

From: Tom on
Sorry - outside my realm of expertise. I use LogMeIn as an
administrative function, so a single user (me) isn't a problem.
From: David W. Fenton on
"Mark Andrews" <mandrews___NOSPAM___(a)> wrote in

> What would you recommend if I needed more than 1 user logged in
> per machine?

Arvin Meyer has recommended WinConnect. I've not used it because I
haven't needed to, but his recommendation would be quite sufficient
to cause me to try it as the first choice were I to need it.

David W. Fenton
usenet at dfenton dot com
From: David W. Fenton on
"Mark Andrews" <mandrews___NOSPAM___(a)> wrote in

> Still not sure which one works best, but the was
> recommended by some computer repair guys I know so
> for now I think I'll just choose that one.

None of the VNCs will be as good as LogMeIn, because VNC pushes
pixel maps, while LogMeIn (and GoToMyPC, etc.) use the Windows
graphics primitives directly, instead of shipping bitmaps (this is
also what the Remote Desktop Client does). This makes them orders of
magnitude more responsive.

These days, I only use VNC on local networks, never across the

David W. Fenton
usenet at dfenton dot com