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Phil wrote:
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>> I would guess that the inverter is a more likely culprit than the lamp
>> itself, although either is possible.
> Is there a simple way to test this? I'm not an electronics whizz.
>> In the US, Digikey, Mouser and some others carry CCFL lamps. For a
>> scanner, the exact light spectrum is more important than it is for an LCD
>> backlight, the purpose for which most generic lamps are sold.
>> I recall that Epson does not sell parts for it's scanners, although some
>> "accessory parts" are available from a distributor here in the US, I think
>> it was compass micro.
> I took a look at compassmicro. Very few parts appear to be avialable, and
> the lamp doesn't even seem to appear as a separate item on the exploded
> diagram

Try the documents available from Epson Product Support
Claims to have a parts list.

This search string fired up all sorts of answers
Epson Perfection 1250 bulb
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"Phil Preen" <n/a> wrote:

> Epson Perfection 1250 has stopped working. I think the fluourecent bulb
> has gone. Is it worth trying to get a replacement. Any idea where I might
> find a supplier in the UK?
> Phil.

You may be better off trying local bootfairs, free-ads papers or freecycle
groups for a replacement scanner - I bought a working Epson 1250 at a Bath
bootfair a year ago for just �1 (which I later replaced with 2 thin USB
powered Canon scanners for �1 each and more recently an Epson RX425
multifunction printer for �2 so have a scanner built into my printer now) so
sadly these things are often not worth the effort to repair.

My Canon scanners and the one in my printer all use LED illumination so
blown bulb or driver circuit will never be a problem with these but being
dimmer they're not so good at scanning 3D objects (I took my 1250 to work
for use scanning PC motherboards to build a database of different models we
repair there).