From: bill on
SQL 2008

Let's say I am replicating from environment A to B.

The column A.database.My_Table.Some_Column is computed. i would like
the replicated column In B.database.My_Table.Some_Column, to be just a
regular column (not a persisted computed column, not an indexed
computed column, just a column with some data in it). In other words,
the DDL for B.database.My_TabIe should not have any computed column

The column A.database.My_Table_Some_Column is currently defined as
computed, but not persisted. However, If I have to get someone to
persist it to make the replication conversion to pure data work, I can
have the column persisted.

So I want replication to read the data from
A.database.My_Table.Some_Column and copy the DATA ONLY to

Is there any schema option I can set, or some way I can do this
without resorting to modifying the default replication procedures
(which I don't want to do)?



P.S. I know that computed columns are by definition derived, and it
is usually not a good idea to store derived data. I don't have the
ability to kill the computed column, and the (commercial) front end
that is consuming the replicated data cannot easily do the
computation, nor can the SQL it issues be changed to have the column
computed in the SELECT against the replicated data. I do not want to
create a bunch of views, and I don't want the column computed on the
replicated side. I just need to know if it's possible to turn the
computation into data during the replication.