From: giammarco on
Hi all,

I have developed a database comparison program, Table Diff, and I
would like to ask for feedback, if you have time.

Table Diff runs on Windows, and allows comparing and synchronizing the
data stored in two SQL Server database tables.

You can download a 30-day fully functional trial from my website

To make the testing easier, I have prepared a SQL script which you can
run to create two test tables to compare using Table Diff:

If you like it, drop me an e-mail (giammarco(a) and I will
send you a free license, that you can also use for commercial purposes
(this is valid for the next two weeks only). This is my way of saying
thanks for taking the time.

The way I see Table Diff growing is:

- supporting the comparison of very large tables (until now it has
been tested with tables having millions of records, but better can be

- supporting the comparison of entire databases, rather than tables;

- supporting additional databases such as MySQL, Oracle, Postgres,
SQLite and DB2 (through ODBC).

- supporting additional platforms such as Mac.

Thank you,