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> Suzie, Larry, and Jeff,
> Thanks for that information.
> I'll just make do with a subform...
> Just checking that there wasn't some OLE or ActiveX method out there.
> Thanks,
> John
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>> Hi Larry and John,
>> Just FYI, no flaming hoops required with Access 2010. This functionality
>> is built right in to the next version. You can assign Master/Child fields
>> and have the subreport function just like a subform.
>> --
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>> "Larry Linson" wrote in message
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>>> You can put a Subform Control on a Report, but you can't put a Subreport
>>> Control on a Form. So, short of jumping through some flaming hoops, you
>>> can't do what you want. If the data is limited to one or a very few
>>> records, you might be able to follow SuzyQ's suggestion.
>>> Larry Linson
>>> Micosoft Office Access MVP
>>> "John M" <newsgroups(a)> wrote in message
>>> news:e7eE7bDzKHA.264(a)TK2MSFTNGP05.phx.gbl...
>>>> Is it possible to place a report on a form?
>>>> I'd like to display some information (grouping, summing, etc) to
>>>> the user, which a sub form won't allow me to do. A report does just
>>>> what I need.
>>>> I tried inserting a subreport on the form, but it would not let me
>>>> select a report as the source object.
>>>> Any suggestions, alternate solutions, or work arounds?
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