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Hi All, could you please have a look to my query.
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> We have a Production instance ( of 7TB running HP-UX 11.3 on
> ASM, BCV has already being utilized.
> Now requirement is to push BCV to Tivoli Storage Manager using rman.
> Usually, for other (non-asm) databases we do attach their Luns and
> activate VG/LV on backup server then tsm admin push backup to tsm
> using disk-image option which is working perfectly fine.
> For Prod - we are using Luns ( no volume manager ) for database and
> this has been checked with IBM (TSM) that direct backup from Lun is
> not an option in HP-UX, they need LV for disk-image option
> I installed ASM on backup server and mounted diskgroups & put prod
> database also in mount stage.
> Simply tried rman to send backup to TSM which is working fine except
> where I have to define multiple retention policy.
> For example, after month-end, we required first backup to be backed-up
> with retention policy of 12 months and all other backups has usual 30
> days retention policy. My problem is that *keep* option is not working
> here on archive logs.
> As per Oracle Documentation, you can not use *keep until ..* option
> with archive logs, you simple need to use
> "Backup database keep until  <<sysdate + 12m>> LOGS"
> Where LOGs tells that Rman will not obsolete backup of archives until
> we retain the main backup. This is not going to work if we take backup
> using BCV which would be only in mount stage as I can not open&recover
> it.
> Otherwise this would introduce another re-incarnation and will
> difficult recovery.
> Your response will be appreciated. Please share your suggestions.

If you have everything else working then just control the backup and/
or retention of the archive logs outside of rman ...
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On Mon, 24 May 2010 14:50:53 -0700, lyxx09(a) wrote:

> Hi All, could you please have a look to my query.


From: Eric on
On 2010-05-24, lyxx09(a) <lyxx09(a)> wrote:
> Hi All, could you please have a look to my query.

If someone reads your query who understands what you have said, has
anything useful to say, and has the time to say it, and feels like it,
then they will answer your query.

No-one here owes you anything, the only effect of impatience will be to
annoy some people who may eventually have got around to answering. They
won't now.

It appears that you have not even googled "rman bcv", otherwise you could
have asked more specific questions. I think that your "requirement" is
based on some misconceptions and that your organisation is out of its
depth and needs to get some better storage and oracle expertise than it
currently has.

Incidentally, did you know that saying "look to my query" makes your
impatience and rudeness look far worse than if you had said "look at my