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Dynamic insert of array data in mysql using DBI
Hi All, I am trying to insert records from tab separated text file to mysql using dbi, please go through the following code below, It is working fine in the case of all string but not working fine for other data type for example date, time-stamp, float, etc. require 'dbi' class InsertProcessor puts "Outp... 30 Jul 2010 05:19
how to judge web exists or not with open-uri?
would you mind to tell me how to fix it, to make the following program to run? require 'rubygems' require 'open-uri' url="" open(url){|file| if url don't exists then puts "url don't exists" else puts "url exists"} thiks -- Posted via ... 20 Jul 2010 04:50
TCPServer Muliple Clients by Name or Alias
Dear List, I have read over the TCPServer docs and I have been able to implement a simple server that supports multiple clients and will echo input back to all users. What I cannot seem to find docs on or grasp, is how to reference each individual client by a name. What I wish to accomplish is when a new clien... 20 Jul 2010 08:03
Error Compiling Ruby
Hello, I am new to Ruby, and I have played around a bit using a pre-built package of 1.8.7. I am running openSUSE 11.3 64-bit, and I am trying to compile 1.9.1. For some reason, I seem to keep running into this problem with OpenSSL: compiling openssl make[1]: Entering directory `/home/kota/Programs/Ruby/ru... 22 Jul 2010 08:06
[ANN] Faye 0.5: WebSockets, protocol extensions and CometDintegration
[Note: parts of this message were removed to make it a legal post.] Hi all, I've just released Faye 0.5. Faye is an easy-to-use publish-subscribe messaging system for Ruby, Node.js and web browsers, based on the Bayeux protocol. It lets you send messages between web clients without worrying about pesky proble... 19 Jul 2010 19:03
Adding to the Errno module
[accidentally posted this from an non-subscribed address a few minutes ago .. hopefully it doesn't show up twice] I'm trying to add some missing handlers to the Errno module on my system. But, clearly I'm missing something here, as I'm getting an error I don't understand when I try a raise using any of them. My ... 20 Jul 2010 12:26
[ANN] launchy 0.3.7 Released
launchy version 0.3.7 has been released. gem install launchy Launchy is helper class for launching cross-platform applications in a fire and forget manner. There are application concepts (browser, email client, etc) that are common across all platforms, and ... 19 Jul 2010 16:51
REXML Input File Question
Hi, So I am having issues parsing in a document using the Ruby XML parser REXML. The issue seems to be with the first line of my file that identifies the XML file. Here are two xml files, the first is not parsed with REXML and the second is parsed properly: error = <<EOF <?xml version="1.0" encoding="... 28 Jul 2010 10:44
HOW CAN I HACK $5000 FROM PAYPAL WATCH VIDEO. At Due to high security risks,i have hidden the cheque link in an image. in that website on Top side Above search box, click on image and enter your name and address where you want to receive your cheque. please don,t tell to anyone. ... 19 Jul 2010 13:32
[ANN] ipaddress 0.6.0 released
ipaddress version 0.6.0 has been released! IPAddress is a Ruby library to manipulate IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in a modern and productive way. In this release we focused on making the library more compatible with IPAddr. I've just opened a discussion group to discuss about ... 19 Jul 2010 10:12
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