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After many hours chasing this for a customer, I finally found an answer
to the IE, cmd, search functions not working.

thanks to MPAK at forum: This was the second time that I have
seen this, and people often end up being advised to re-install to
correct - How bizarre Windows can be!
I hope some other folks stumble over this sooner than I did!
Good Luck-
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Hi, All!

For those who will beat the monitor wondering why pressing Start -> Run
(and Search, and Help buttons also) doesn't work anymore showing stupid
message "Windows cannot create a shortcut here, place it onto the
Desktop instead?", or why Internet Explorer "Manage Add-ons" menu
doesn't work too, here is the solution of the problem (it has cost me 4

The problem is you recently installed critical Windows updates (of 10
Aug 2006) but you did not install kb908531 (25.04.2006) -- that stupid
update which installs Verclsid.exe tool. Install kb908531 and be happy.

MPAK - contributor END Quote.

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