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"KSmith" <KSmith(a)> wrote in message
>I solved the problem, kinda. I removed some of the spaces that were in the
> middle of the FindFirst line of code, and it Ran like it should.

What spaces are you talking about? I don't see any superfluous spaces in
what you posted here. Please post the revised statement that seems to work.

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From: KSmith on
Thanks for responding to my problem. Sorry for the long delay in getting
back, I had a death in the family.

The "spaces" were not the problem, as you said. To solve this problem I
looked back over my notes and found that I created the first form as a
columnar form with the widzard. I made a new columnar form with the same
tables as my problem form. I then copied the Record Source line from the
newly made form to the Record Source line in the problem second form.

This corrected the problem I was having. But I still don't understand why
that corrected the problem.

I have another problem that I will post.

And thank you for all of your help.


"Dirk Goldgar" wrote:

> "KSmith" <KSmith(a)> wrote in message
> news:4A6EFFB8-B37C-49A7-A5C6-12C969E20188(a)
> > RouterID is the first field in tblRouterArea TABLE
> > RouterID is the first field in the Forms Record Source: Select Statement
> > RouterID is the first field in the ComboBox Row Source: Select Statement
> > Bound Column is set to 1
> >
> > "Dirk Goldgar" wrote:
> >
> >> "KSmith" <KSmith(a)> wrote in message
> >> news:3A43B827-F243-41DC-B63D-3F077AB267F4(a)
> >> >
> >> > Set rs = Me.Recordset.Clone
> >> > rs.FindFirst "[RouterID_tblRouterArea] = " &
> >> > Str(Nz(Me![cboMaterialLookUp], 0))
> >>
> >> In addition to the code changes suggested by mie, verify that the form's
> >> recordsource actually contains a field named "RouterID_tblRouterArea".
> >> I'm
> >> guessing that it doesn't.
> If "RouterID" is the name of the field, then why are you looking for
> "[RouterID_tblRouterArea]"? Your .FindFirst statement ought to be just:
> rs.FindFirst "RouterID = " & Nz(Me![cboMaterialLookUp], 0)
> If that doesn't work, then either RouterID is not a numeric field (which you
> have implied that it is), or you have misinformed us about something, and
> will need to post the exact SQL of the form's RecordSouce to help us figure
> it out.
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