From: Rudolf Harras on
Am 23.03.2010 13:14, schrieb David Murray:

> I don't have a link, but if you just search for "SID PLAYER" in the
> App store, it is the only one.

Is thee something like that for Symbian also?
From: Six of Style on
David Murray <adric22(a)> wrote in news:11a40aee-8dc6-485e-a8c6-

> I just downloaded the App yesterday and I think it is a pretty good
> deal for $0.99. It allows you to immediately access and download any
> SID file from the high-voltage SID collection and store it on the
> device. I listened to all my old favorites.

There are three, all from Lauer, Teuber GbR.
Sid Player is 99c
Sid Player Free is Free
Sid Player Pro is $1.99

I bought the Pro, and I encourage everyone else to do the same. The same
guy also has Pokey/Mod/AY players up on the store. It's really nice to see
someone supporting chiptune playing on the ipod/iphone.

The search feature is great, I've found a lot of cool tunes that I'd
previously overlooked, just by searching on random keywords in the title.

From: Lars Haugseth on
* "iAN CooG" <GETianRIDcoog(a)> wrote:
> David Murray <adric22(a)> wrote:
>> 1) it doesn't allow you to fast forward or rewind within a specific
>> song.
> Rewind isn't possible with sid files, they're just C64 programs, you know,
> not mp3/wav/mod.

It's doable if you store the audio data in memory or to a temporary file as
well as push it to the audio device. You can then rewind by pausing the
emulation and replaying audio data from memory/file until you're back to
the point where emulation can continue.

Lars Haugseth
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