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If you want to constantly switch between these two versions, maybe the
synonyms feature of SQL-Server could help you; see:

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"allanc" <allan.for.g.groups(a)> wrote in message
>I am not totally familiar with the proper terminology and I really
> appreciate help with the following problem:
> My two databases, originally from a third party, have over 250 stored
> procedures each.
> I have changed about 150 of them in one database.
> Due to the testing and implementation requirements of the application,
> I need to save these stored procedures from the one database, restore
> the two databases according to what I received from the third party,
> and then implement my stored procedure changes onto the two restored
> databases.
> Any suggestions as to easiest and most foolproof method of performing
> these steps are appreciated.
> Thank you in advance.